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  Christy Johannesson of Communications Arts High School in Texas has a wonderful, organized set of PowerPoints written for Holt Chemistry. Click on Lecture Notes to access this resource.  Please email her for permission.
  EXCELLENT PowerPoints, Lecture Notes, Online Quizzes and materials   to accompany the 5th Edition of Addison Wesley Provided by Dr. Stephen L. Cotton for his chemistry students at Charles Page High School Sand Springs, Oklahoma
  General Chemistry Online - Excellent html online slides in basic chemistry concepts - viewable only. Copyright 1997-2001 by Fred Senese contact for further information at senese@antoine.frostburg.edu.
Karen Timberlake's Chemistry Website contains a vast number of resource materials including PowerPoints and Online Quizzes.  Do visit the site however I have linked a few of the resources directly here.  There are many more downloadable resources available on the site as well.  Email the Professor, Karen Timberlake,  to request permission.

The Catalyst:  This website has wonderful general resources and teaching tips for chemistry. PowerPoints by Michael Geyer, Deer Park High School, Cincinnati, OH 

  • Discovery of the Atom [ download (293 KB) | view ]
  • Discovery of the Atom (part 2) [ download (356 KB) | view ]
  • Gas Laws [ download (369 KB) | view ]
  • Measurement [ download (65 KB) | view ]
  • The History of the Modern Periodic Table [ download (490 KB) | view ]
  • The History of the Modern Periodic Table v2 [ download/view (508 KB) ]   mod.Nov. 2001
The Catalyst:  This website has wonderful general resources and teaching tips for chemistry.  PowerPoints by Christopher Filkins, Cuba-Rushford Central High School, Cuba, NY
Steve Marsden's Chemistry Website at Harvard Westlake Academy
Awesome website with wonderful resources (especially media).  Online slideshow on all topics.  Not downloadable but viewable.

Vons Teach the Teachers - Chemistry Topics 2000 - PowerPoint Presentations and Lesson Plans

Jim Birk's Courses, Arizona State University, E-mail JBirk@ASU.edu Text:  Brown, Lemay and Bursten.

Dr. Bob Belford's Chemistry Homepage, Resources and General Chemistry PowerPoint slides.  Email Dr. Bob Belford for permission.

Chemical Education Resources Dr. Pete Poston, Western Oregon University, PowerPoint Lectures (PowerPoints appear to be no longer available however you may wish to email him regarding his slides.) <CH222>

Mr. Green's Homepage, AP Chemistry and Chemistry Resources:   Contact Mr. Green of Alta Loma High School, Rancho Cucamonga, California

Lecture Overheads,  Email P.J. Brucat for permission for use, University of Florida UF Physical Chemistry Brucat Group.
Chm 2051-part I , Chm 2051 - part II, Chm 2051-part III

PowerPoints specific to "General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry, Second Edition", by Amend, Mundy & Armold, Saunders College Publishing.
Gerard V. Smith  Email: gvs@chem.siu.edu

Chapter 1  Chapter 7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9 

General Chemistry Multimedia - Western Oregon University by Dr. Pete Poston
Kotz & Treichel, "Chemistry & Chemical Reactivity",4th ed.
Password Required for multimedia.  Please note that the following QuickTime movies are courtesy of Saunders College Press. The movies came from their interactive CD-ROM. In addition, the movies require that a sound card be installed on your computer. Finally, you need to have the QuickTime plug-in installed or have a viewer program available. Please see the site for available Quicktime and other Media links.

Ch 1 - Matter & Measurement
Ch 1 PowerPoint Lecture (F '98)
  Chapter 1 PowerPoint Lecture (actual file = 472 Kb)

Ch2 - Atoms and Elements -
Ch 2 PowerPoint Lecture (F '98)  Chapter 2 PowerPoint Lecture (actual file = 1.45 Mb)

Ch 3 - Molecules and Compounds
Ch 3 PowerPoint Lecture (F '98)
   Chapter 3 PowerPoint Lecture (actual file = 1.45 Mb)

Ch 4 - Chemical Equations and Stoichiometry
Chapter 4 PowerPoint Lecture (actual file = 994 Kb)

Ch 5 - Reactions in Aqueous Solution

Ch 5 PowerPoint Lecture (F '98)
   Chapter 5 PowerPoint Lecture (actual file = 2.40 Mb)

Ch 6 - Principles of Reactivity: Energy and Chemical Reactions

Ch 6 PowerPoint Lecture (F '98)
  Chapter 6 PowerPoint Lecture (actual file = 1.12 Mb)

Ch 7 - Atomic Structure

Ch 7 PowerPoint Lecture (F '98)
   Chapter 7 PowerPoint Lecture (actual file = 3.97 Mb)

Ch 8 - Atomic Electron Configurations & Chemical Periodicity
Ch 8 Electron Configurations and Periodicity (F '98)
Chapter 8 PowerPoint Lecture (actual file = 609 Kb)

Ch 9 - Bonding & Molecular Structure: Fundamental Concepts
Ch 9 PowerPoint Lecture (W '99)
     Chapter 9 PowerPoint Lecture (1.1 Mb)

Ch 10 - Bonding & Molecular Structure: Hybridization & Molecular Orbitals -
Chapter 10 PowerPoint Lecture (W '99)
     Chapter 10 PowerPoint Lecture (3.8 Mb)

Ch 12 - Gases
- Ch 12 PowerPoint Lecture (W '99)    Chapter 12 PowerPoint Lecture (1.9 Mb)

Ch 13 - Gas Laws/Intermolecular Forces - Chapter 13 PowerPoint Lecture (3.4 Mb)

Chapter 14 (Ch 12-Solutions) (html only-permission to copy follows last slide)

Chapter 15 (Ch 10-Reaction Rates) (html only)

Chapter 16 (Ch 12-Equilibrium Constant) (html only)

Chapter 17a (Ch 13-Acids and Bases) (html only)

Chapter 17b (Ch 14-Acids and Bases and Buffers) (html only)

Ch 24 - Nuclear Chemistry - Ch 24 PowerPoint Lecture (labeled Ch 21) (W '98)(html only)

Lecture Notes, Sample MidTerm Exams Chapters 7-15  
Lecture Notes, Sample Mid Term/Exams Chapters 16-18

This site is designed and maintained by Dr. S. Michael Condren of Christian Brothers University who utilizes the text: Moore, Stanitski, Wood, Kotz, The Chemical World: Concepts and Applications, 2nd Edition, Saunders College Publishing

Zumdahl's World of Chemistry - Textbook PowerPoints
Textbook Site Complete with Downloadable and Zipped PowerPoint Files
Steven S. Zumdahl, University of Illinois, Susan A. Zumdahl, University of Illinois, Donald DeCoste, University of Illinois

Chapter 1: Chemistry an Introduction
Chapter 2: Matter
Chapter 3: Chemical Foundations: Elements, Atoms, and Ions
Chapter 4: Nomenclature
Chapter 5: Measurements and Calculations
Chapter 6: Chemical Composition
Chapter 7: Chemical Reactions: An Introduction
Chapter 8: Reactions in Aqueous Solutions
Chapter 9: Chemical Quantities
Chapter 10: Energy
Chapter 11: Modern Atomic Theory
Chapter 12: Chemical Bonding
Chapter 13: Gases
Chapter 14: Liquids and Solids
Chapter 15: Solutions
Chapter 16: Acids and Bases
Chapter 17: Equilibrium
Chapter 18: Oxidation-Reduction Reactions and Electrochemistry
Chapter 19: Radioactivity and Nuclear Energy
Chapter 20: Organic Chemistry
Chapter 21: Biochemistry